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Get Rewarded

Create at Coin 8 & Collect Coins


You need an award for your patronage, so behold the Coin 8 Rewards Program! When you book a service, reserve the studio, or attend a class you'll be making fake money, that you can exchange for REAL DISCOUNTS.

While we get this party started, We've started our rewards on studio reservations. 1 Hour reserved can be exchanged for 8 dollars to be spent on your next reservation.

1 Coin = 1 Dollar
1 Hour = 8 Coins

Save 88 Coins =

$100 OFF

Redeem your Coins at anytime!

Other Ways to

Earn Coin:

Refer a friend - 40 Coins

5 Star Review om Google - 10 Coins

Attend a Photo Event - 10 Coins

and more to come!

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