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Abandoned Office Time Capsule: Studio 1980

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

In the heart of Dovercourt Village, there exists a crypt,
a 1980s-era mechanics office that's been completely preserved.

Toronto Photo Studio 1980 Retro Office Coin 8
The current state of Studio 1980
Image of the from exterior of 927 Dupont before Coin 8's move in.

The tale of this mysterious office space starts at the very beginning. It's September 2022 and we just got the keys. The {insert monopoly tele company here} installation person can't access an IT room...hmm okay, seems the landlord hasn't given us any keys to this door which, seems to be the solution.

Now we have the keys to what seems to be the resting place of the previous owners' belongings. Phones, scanners, beer bottles, the smell of decades of cigarettes, paintings, typewriters, bags of vintage clothing, and drawers of someone's things. A full set, a gift from the business owners of before. We were shook for real.

It feels like reading someone else's diary when you go through drawers of business plans, trinkets, and all the things you think will be useful one day.

Lost keys.
Business plans left behind by the previous occupants.

What did these keys fit into, who's on this invoice, doesn't some of this seem important to suddenly leave? Who was this woman whose entire wardrobe was in garbage bags and did Half Court Tennis ever receive funding?

Vintage and forgotten goods

This room, once forgotten and neglected, has now become one of our most popular sets. It's a testament to one man's trash, is another trash man's film set. Whether you're a film maker, photographer, or simply curious about a time you never got to experience, Coin 8's Studio 1980 is a must-visit.

When we came into this building, so much of what was left behind was repurposed and turned into assets. We thank all the small business owners before us who walked so we could run!

There are so many stories from the building of this studio, and we are always piecing the puzzle together. about the past of this building, and we will uncover anything we find! :3

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