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Art Bazaar, Bazaar Art.

The beginnings of what I hope to be a Coin 8 favorite, and something that I've been working up to do for a long time.

This will be Coin 8's very own art gallery and marketplace, taking place every 1st Sunday of each month. BOOM BABY.

Each market will feature 11 aritsts, ranging from photography, pottery, paintings, textiles etc...basically anyone who wants start putting their hard work out into the world, physically!

Whats a gallery without music? Each bazaar with also feature a showcase of local Torontonian and Canadian musicians. so not only will our eyes be happy, but so will our ears.

You now might be asking, okay how do I sell my work at one of these things? We have 2 options for different needs. The flat rate, which is a $250 said and done fee, or a 35% sale commision booth which works excatly how it sounds.

Each booth includes a 4'x6' table and wall space for your display. You are also free to bring additional stands and tables (we have a frieght elevator!) as long as space permits.

So yeah, here we are. Our first gallery will be January 7th, submissions are open and I'm so energized, and so ready to start getting myself out there, and providing a space for you to show yourself off to Toronto too!

You can buy tickets, find our Aritst Submission form, and purchase a table HERE at the offical event page. See you there!

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