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F*cking Awesome West End Studios (Other Than Coin 8)

Ohhh Toronto,

The heart of Canada's (and let us be real, also America's) film and television industry. A city teeming with creativity, innovation, art and culture. Unless of course, someone wants to build a condo. Independent studios in Toronto are providing a home for creatives all around the GTA as well as internationally!

Images of persons using Coin 8 for their own productions.

Managing spaces is a behind-the-curtain job, and when you're a small business owner, you're also a content creator, coordinator, janitor, accountant, salesperson, and whatever the hell else needs to be done. In appreciation of all these awesome spaces and the people behind them, here are a few studios just within the neighborhood that are must-shoot locations.

Junto Studios @juntostudio

Hey Junto Studio! Junto is located within multi-studio building 915 Dupont (which is right next door to us!) Junto features gorgeous glass brick windows facing north and east facing windows (morning light, right on) as well as curated vintage furnishings with a perfect blend of modern and rustic pieces... Also plants! They rent their studio starting at $125 hourly and is perfect for any project, movie night, or intimate engagement.

Album @album.studios

Album is a full-service studio partner for photographers, videographers, producers, agents, and manufacturers, located in the Geary Neighbourhood. Mostly impressively, their rental equipment department is outfitted with a wide range of current and in-demand lighting, grip, cameras, lenses, and production support tools. They take care of the work so you can just relax!

Studio Cozy @studiocozy

Studio Cozy is perfect for both photography and videography. One of the most economical choices in the city for audio recording, Studio Cozy is a great choice for productions in need of custom studio lighting and a controllable environment. Their team can help put any production together and is a great spot for casting calls, test shoots, green screen projects, music videos, and more.

Of - Sorts @sortofastudio

Of-Sorts is an inclusive space focusing on art, culture, and community and is black & Indigenous-owned and operated. Their Dupont and Geary locations are affordable and are outfitted for any project from amateur to professional. Best of all, similar to Coin 8, they also offer memberships for individuals and teams. I'm a huge believer in dedicated spaces for creatives to co-create and build their careers together in an environment that is affordable, imaginative, and welcoming. Yay to this, sort of a studio.

Wade Studio @wadestudioto

Most people know Wade Studio. It's a city production icon and is a favorite of mine and many others. Window light, lots of open space, and best of all, their high end studio equipment is included in their already very affordable pricing. So if you're trying to learn strobe or other studio lighting (and maybe coin 8's already booked and you want to use gorgeous Profoto gear), this is the place.

Well, I hope this list has helped you find the right place for your production, no matter how big or small, Get out there and create your next best shot!

\(^o^)/ (๑ˇεˇ๑)

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