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How To: Tinfoil Bokeh

I love bokeh and wanted to incorporate it into some upcoming holiday-themed beauty shoots. Well, string lights cost money and I ain't got shit so I grabbed Tinfoil and tape and crumpled it all up, and then flattened it back out. That's literally it.

Make sure you have your aperture set wide open in order to make the tinfoil out of focus, but don’t open it too wide or your bokeh will look too large and blend together. Below are some test photos with my dog Macro using only window light.

Okay so now we got the backdrop and the lens and camera settings, lets add in some flashes and colour!

These photos were taken at f2.8 1/100 ISO 400 with my 85mm lens. I had two-speed lights, One aimed at the backdrop behind the subject set at 1/128 power, the other was attached to the ring light facing Joe. I also thought it would be fun to use gels to add a pop of color.

Now, with all my new skills and backdrops, I was ready for some holiday beauty realness! Thank you @hellomarissaa for modelling for me!

Bonus photo of me from 2018, which is when I originally wrote this article and took all these photos, Haha, oh Nicola, you have no idea whats ahead of you.

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Cool quick backdrop tip! 🎇

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