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Set Galleries & Pricing

Welcome to our
warehouse located at 927 Dupont St. Toronto. 

Reserve individual sets or rent the entire space, whatever your production needs, we got it.



Submit a reservation request online here ★

Check your desired date on our bookings calendar to the left. For first timers, please read the important studio info below

  • Cats and dogs on-site
    This is a pet friendly studio! Artists in this building have pet related businesses, as well as bring them to work. <3
  • Overtime is charged at 1.5x
    Productions that go overtime without warning will be subject to overtime charges at 1.5 x the hourly rate. Please consider this when booking your time.
  • Studio staff on-site for all bookings
    private bookings are used when you do not want other productions, or people booking the studio along side you, to allow for a more controlled environment. Our staff are working professionals in the film/photo industry, and are also handy to have around!
  • Your setup/take down time should be considered when booking
    Your setup begins when your hourly time starts, and you should be exiting when your time ends. Please consider your setup and packup time when booking :)
  • How's parking?
    Coin 8 unfortunately does not have its own parking. It's recommended to park on Dupont St. ( outside of business hours) or utilize free parking on the neighborhood side streets.
  • Is there an elevator?
    We have a freight elevator from the ally into unit. Unfortunately this elevator is not suitable for accessibility, as the load in is 4' off the ground, so it can only be used for gear and large items that can be lifted in.
  • Can I reschedule my booking?
    Yes! Reservations under 4 hours long can reschedule up to 24 hours before their booking. Larger bookings of 4 hours or more will need to give 7 days notice to a reschedule. We do not offer complete refunds.

Read this friends,
Arm yourselves with knowledge.

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