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Photo of June 2024 Winners!

Every month we celebrate our favorite stills taken at the studio, and it's not just for bragging rights. Photo of the month winners are gifted 88 Coins which can be exchanged for $100 their next production at Coin 8!

How do you enter, you ask? Use #coin8 and tag in your photos or video stills taken at Coin 8 on Instagram!


Winner Winner

Chicken Dinner!

Receives 88 Coins! Exchanges to $100 off!

Photo of Drag Artist Cherry On Top


Honorary Mentions

Receive 44 Coins each! Exchanges to $44 off!

Photo of band Heavy Sweater


photo of Music Artist Brooke Stilla


Thank you all for

choosing to

Create at Coin 8!


Earn Coins every time you book Coin 8 for your productions.


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