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photos for all occasions, of kids, adults, extraterrestrials supernatural beings and pets!


Hello & welcome to the whimsical, wonderful, wonky world of

Coin 8

 located on 927 Dupont St. Toronto, ON (Dupont and Ossington!)

Toronto's Hidden Gem:

Rental Studio

Production House

Antique Warehouse

Portrait Studio

Community Hub

and more.

The name Coin 8 comes from the tarot card, the 8 of pentacles. This card represents the dedication, determination, and perseverance it takes to become a master of a skill, an art, or even yourself. It is our mission to help alleviate, and elevate Canadian artists on their road to mastery, and success on the world stage. 

Silk Dancers practicing for an event at Coin 8 where they will be performing.  photo studio rentals

more than just a film studio 

Welcome to Coin 8, a dynamic creative hub that breaks the traditional notion of a production studio. Inspired by the symbolism of the 8 of Pentacles, we embody the spirit of perseverance, craftsmanship, and continuous growth.


Our Creation Program provides dedicated times and private hours for individuals and teams to connect, collaborate, and explore new artistic frontiers, all with the goal of elevating Canadian creativity to new heights.

Our Film and Photo Toronto Studio space is ideal for commercial shoots, family photos, pet photography, passion projects, and even events! 


Whether you're a photographer, filmmaker,  podcaster, or whatever, our studio and supportive environment will empower you to expand your skills!


Get your next best shot at Coin 8!

see for yourself  

A Coin8 Wedding

A Coin8 Wedding
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A Coin8 Wedding

A Coin8 Wedding

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Main Set Tour

Main Set Tour

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The Beautiful Exchange

The Beautiful Exchange

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